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The LGBT Center of Raleigh HealthWorks Environmental proudly announces an Electronics Recycling Day in cooperation with the people from

recycling symbolDo you have old computers, TVs, CRT monitors, sound systems, cell phones, broken kitchen appliances, printers, copiers, stereos, or any type of cords and cables lying around your home or office? You can get rid of all that before the holidays begin. will bring their truck and park it in front of the LGBT Center of Raleigh on the Second Saturday of the first month in each quarter from 12 until 6 pm. Bring anything with a plug that you want to throw away. Everything will be torn apart, sorted, and recycled in an environmentally friendly way – keeping almost all of it out of any landfill. Nothing will be exported to any foreign landfill either.

Click for the Upcoming Schedule at the LGBT Center

Dennis CarterDon’t worry about those pesky hard drives and data storage devices. Any data remaining on them will be destroyed by physically disassembling the drive, so you can be assured that any lingering personal or financial information will be safe from prying eyes. If you wish, we can disassemble the drive right in front of you!

Plus, will donate 20% of all proceeds from items collected at the Center (or scheduled for pickup while you are at the Center on that day) back to the LGBT Center of Raleigh to help fund all of the amazing work that the Center does. Everyone wins!

This is an on-going LGBT Center of Raleigh HealthWorks Environmental Project. Click below for future Electronics Recycling Days on the schedule.

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